The concept of sustainable development aims to reconcile economic and social development, environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources. In 1987, the United Nations defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”. Sustainable development therefore has three objectives: ecological integrity, equity between nations, individuals and generations, and economic efficiency.

The harmonious and sustainable development of French-speaking States, and in particular of developing countries, has always been a priority objective for the Conference of Heads of State and Government of countries sharing French.

Since 1991, the French-speaking States have made sure to make sustainable development an absolute priority by adopting, in Tunis, an action plan defining a strategy for cooperation in environmental matters in the French-speaking area. They reaffirmed their position, ten years later, by identifying a number of themes and initiatives that the Francophonie could promote at the World Summit on the Environment and Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. In Beirut in October 2002,

Sustainable development is at the center of the Francophone multilateral cooperation strategy and the collective action of Francophones for the next decade.

To this end, the challenge for Ouagadougou is to set out the main lines of “sustainable development” and consequently to determine what the strategic priorities of Francophone action for the next decade should be in order to contribute to sustainable development, globally, and in the French-speaking world, in a particular way.


In order to contribute to the preparation of a synthetic platform on the different facets of sustainable development, based on well-supported scientific analyzes, the operators of La Francophonie, in close collaboration with the University of Ouagadougou, have decided to bring together dozens of experts, academics and researchers, institutional and non-governmental actors from the French-speaking world in a conference dedicated to the issue of “sustainable development: lessons and perspectives”.

Three main objectives are sought through the organization
of this conference:
(1) to take stock of the sustainable development programs since the Rio and Johannesburg Summits;
(2) define the constraints and conditions required for the implementation of integrated actions for sustainable development, particularly for poor countries;
(3) make operational recommendations for priority actions to be included in the future ten-year program of actions of La Francophonie.

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